Salt cave

The positive effect of salty air on the human body has long been known. At the beginning of the last century, doctors prescribed accommodation on the warm sea coast for patients with serious respiratory diseases. Of course, not everyone could afford such expensive treatment. And even today, a trip to the sea can cost a tidy sum.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to give up everything, withdraw savings from your account and go for useful air thousands of kilometers away. The ESTHER center offers you a visit to the salt cave in Moscow. Here you can improve your health at a very pleasant price, without waiting for a vacation.

What is a salt cave?

An artificial salt cave with a household halogen generator (aka "halokabinet", "speleokabinet") is a room lined with salt blocks from the inside. Here a special microclimate is formed: the air of the salt cave is filled with calcium, iodine, sodium and other useful elements.

For several decades, salt caves have been used as a therapeutic procedure and prevention of a number of diseases both in Russia and abroad.


Visit speleokabinet – an excellent prevention of colds. Dry salty air calms the nerves, reduces irritability and stress. This procedure also increases the level of hemoglobin and the activity of the immune system, restores the acid-base balance.

Due to the high concentration of useful elements in the speleocabinet (it is much higher than in the natural environment), positive changes can be noticed after three procedures.

Treatment in a salt cave can be prescribed by a doctor for problems such as:

  • respiratory diseases, pre-asthma, bronchial asthma in the period of fading exacerbation, remission of chronic bronchitis, pulmonary insufficiency not higher than the second stage, smoker's cough;
  • skin diseases such as eczema, scaly lichen, boils, psoriasis, etc.; < / li>
  • psychosomatic illnesses;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • joint diseases, etc.

Please note: if you have one of these ailments, before visiting the speleocabinet, you need to consult with a doctor and get a certificate that will provide you with this Wellness program. We also strongly recommend that pregnant women and people with chronic diseases do not visit the salt cave without consulting their doctor.


Halotherapy is not a universal health treatment. It has its own contraindications. You should not visit the salt cave if you have:

  • acute bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • elevated temperature;
  • intoxication;
  • tuberculosis (including at the stage of residual changes in lung tissue);
  • emphysema;
  • second-third degree hypertension;
  • acute kidney injury;
  • coronary insufficiency;
  • malignancies;
  • blood diseases.

Halotherapy is also contraindicated for substance abuse and drug addiction.

Salt cave

Salt cave for children

Salt cave, halotherapySalt caves for the treatment of children can also be prescribed only on the recommendation of a doctor. However, as a means of prevention, they have a great advantage over other Wellness procedures. Unusual situation of galatamine makes the session like a "useful service", and on an adventure.

In addition, the salt cave of our center hosts yoga classes for special children, children from the English children's club play Board games here, and kids 4-6 years old learn the basics of fine art.

Salt cave for adults

One session in the salt cave takes 30-40 minutes. At this time, you can take a NAP (the salt air relaxes and can cause drowsiness), read a book and just relax from the city noise. Do you want to scroll through your social media news feed or check your email? No problem - we have Wi-Fi.

Recommendations for visiting the salt cave

  1. Salt cave, English classes for childrenthe Salt cave is best visited in clothing made of natural cotton or linen – this fabric easily passes useful air. This is especially important for people with skin diseases.
  2. Smokers are advised to refrain from Smoking half an hour before and two hours after halotherapy.
  3. Because there is a lot of salt dust, women are encouraged to visit speleokabinet without makeup.
  4. After the session, refrain from taking a shower or bath for 2-3 hours. You can drink the liquid no earlier than 20 minutes later.

visiting Conditions

The salt cave of the ESTHER center is designed for 5-6 visitors. Depending on the set of groups, you can organize a joint visit by children and adults, or a separate one. If you are the only person who wants to take a halotherapy session at a certain time, the cost of the visit will not change.

One session of therapy in the salt cave of our center costs: < / p>

  • 300 rubles per child;
  • 600 rubles per adult;
  • 300 rubles for one child and one adult.

We also provide benefits and discounts.

For more information and to schedule a morning, afternoon, or evening session, please call +7 (925) 391-70-71, +7 (495) 641-25-98.