Children's yoga classes are becoming more popular lately. Why should children practice yoga? Regular physical activity is an important component of our health.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how destructive a sedentary lifestyle is. And very few people think of to get used to movement and develop muscles from early childhood. Many babies, until they learn to crawl, lie in their crib all day, looking at the ceiling. As a result, the energy does not find a natural outlet for this age, and the development becomes less harmonious.

It is important for young children to move a lot, interact with the surrounding world and nature. In the natural environment, this was not a problem, but in big cities it is difficult to create conditions for the proper physical development of a child: you can't really turn around in an apartment, and it's not always possible to go to the Park every day. Yoga for children has a number of advantages: injury

  • safe practice;
  • close contact with the parent;
  • development of muscles that are difficult to provide the necessary load in everyday life;
  • improvement of psychological and emotional state;
  • developing the ability to control your own body, improving the vestibular apparatus;
  • improving the function of internal organs and musculoskeletal system;
  • development of concentration; 
  • reduction of fatigue;
  • improving digestion.
Thanks to yoga, the child is more aware of the possibilities of his body. Through pair and group exercises, he develops communication skills, the ability to listen and hear both himself and other people. Children's yoga for special children is presented by classes in the salt cave of ESTHER center. Training is conducted by an experienced instructor, who is responsible not only for the correctness of the exercises performed, but also for creating a comfortable, inviting environment.

For more information or to sign up for classes, please call: +7 (925) 391-70-71, +7 (495) 641-25-98.