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Russian Federation is a multi-national state, where the representatives of each nationality has the right to join the historical and cultural heritage of their ancestors. There is no contradiction in feeling like a citizen of Russia and at the same time preserve and transmit the memory of your roots.

Дети рисуют Тору, художественная студия, еврейская традиция для детейESTHER CENTER OF JEWISH TRADITION suggest children and adults programs on Jewish ethno-cultural education, including Jewish Tradition for children and adults, Jewish Theatre, Jewish women’s club, master classes devoted to the celebration of Jewish holidays, learning Hebrew. Hana Aladyshkiha, the


There are no textbooks or desks in the Jewish tradition classes for children. Children learn about the history of the Jews, customs and holidays in a game form, using audio-visual material. Our volunteer on Jewish Tradition teaching, Hana Aladyshkina, and Art-therapist Oksana Antonova prepare interesting master-classes on Jewish holidays, Jewish customs and symbols. In such a creative approach of teaching children learn the history and culture of Jewish people easily and with a great fun! Classes on Jewish tradition and master classes in our center are designed for children 6-13 years old. The lessons are free and take place on Sundays.

Еврейский женский клуб. Традиция, общение, ТОРА, кулинарные мастер-классы


Jewish women’s club represent its activities for mothers and grannies, who are interested to meet the lecturers on Jewish Tradition and Dvar Tora. They learn about Jewish customs through Jewish cuisine: Jewish cooking classes are very popular among the women – they share the receipts of national meal, prepare meal at our kosher kitchen, bake halot etc. Meeting with Rabbai helps mothers to know more about the principles of “Hiddish kait”- Jewish upbringing. While the children are create at Jewish master-classes, women have a nice time to meet, learn and chat.

HEBREW is taught for children and adults as a part of Jewish ethno-cultural education at ESTHER center.

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