Rules of conduct

Dear parents!

We want you and your children to have the most productive classes. So our Center has some rules:

Great parents, Believe me, life forced! There Are rules in our Children's center. Rules of decency, culture of behavior, General and personal, work and inspiration! Follow the rules of our order, it will be good for children, fun and sweet!

  1. Only absolutely healthy children and adults are allowed to take classes. Please be responsible and don't put other children's health at risk.

    Fever in the chest, cold on the skin, and trembling knees? And the flu wave suddenly went through Vienna? In every breath you breathe, viruses are microbes… So you came here to ruin us to ... Take your handkerchief and boil it! If the child is ill, don't come!

  2. Before classes start, the accompanying adults are responsible for the actions of children. Bring your children to class and pick them up on time.

    A child of different skin tones Always hides the Leader of the Redskins. And you, Accompanying persons, Do not believe about the canadian border! Deliver without damage, bring, and hand over. And then-run!

  3. We ask you to take care of the Center's property. Take a change of shoes to class (you can only wear outdoor shoes and outerwear in the locker room). If you do not take part in classes with your child, please wear Shoe covers.

    I was young, too, and I wasn't frail! With all my heart, friends, I despised Shoe covers! And now I understand the idea is simple: Shoe covers do not hold water… But they filter!

we are happy when you come to the Center in a good mood. This is passed on to your children and our employees, and improves the quality of the educational process. Our rules will help your children gradually gain the first skills of self-organization, learn the sequence of actions and order, and also contribute to the further socialization of the child in society.

Let every wonderful child learn: rules don't spoil us, they protect us! From various misfortunes and troubles and diseases and lie that without rules, they say, life is more interesting! We couldn't live without rules, even if they were boring! Read, understand, and tell us thank you!

We strongly ask all parents and children to follow our rules! Thank you In advance, administration of the ESTHER Center.