Orphan children

ESTHER center provides orphans with developmental curative programs. These are children with severe disabilities, who live and bring up in Kuntsevskiy Orphanage House. The charitable project "Organization of developmental curative programs for children with disabilities on the basis of ESTHER center".
On Sundays, children are brought to the center by a specially equipped bus. For most of the project participants, this is the only opportunity to go outside of the Orphanage House, to gain experience of warm, emotionally rich social relationships and to learn extremely important life skills.
The main objectives of the project are:
-to provide children with a  selection of suitable types of activity (for each child with TMNR), conducting correctional and developmental games, classes in motor therapy, music therapy; development of the sensory sphere, teaching children the skills of self-eating, training in self-cooking skills.
The specialists of the center - psychologists, speech pathologists, game therapists, art therapists, music therapists, motor therapists, - conduct theoretical and practical training for the Orphans House staff ae well.
-to improve the quality of life of children.  For many of kids this project is the only opportunity to travel outside of the Orphanage House.
Volunteers from among students of pedagogical universities, parents and Jewish youth provide a great help in the implementation of charity projects of  ESTHER Center.