Have you noticed that even the smallest children start dancing when they hear rhythmic music? Do you find it surprising that most primitive tribes have ritual dances?. The art of dance is the means of communication, which without words, even without sound, helps to reveal feelings, express fears and dreams, and tell a story. Is it any wonder that children's choreography lessons are so popular? In addition to aesthetic beauty and spiritual development, dance classes have the following advantages:

Ритмика для детей, занятия танцами

* physical activity makes the child more resilient, develops muscles, straightens posture;

* dancing allows you to better control your body, make your movements more flexible;

* develop spatial thinking, vestibular apparatus;

* improve memory;

* improve motor skills;

* make the child more open and liberated;

* develop communication skills;

* discipline

Children who have been trained in dance school grow up more successful, purposeful and open. They are confident and less complex because of their appearance.

Does your child show interest in this art? Welcome to ESTHER center! Here you can sign up for courses in Jewish, ballroom or modern dance.

Еврейский танец, занятия для детей

Jewish dance

Folk dances are an important component of the culture of any nation. They reflect the temperament, way of thinking, and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to introduce your child to the traditions and spiritual life of the ancient people, enroll them in our Jewish dance group. We accept children from 2 to 8 years old in the group. Classes are held once a week.

Ballroom dancing

Бальные танцы для детей 4, 5, 6, 7 и 8 лет, занятия

The ballroom dance Studio accepts children in groups for 2-3, 4-5, 6-8 year old kids. The number of children in each group does not exceed 10 kids.

Each lesson consists of three parts:

1. warm-up with elements of stretch marks;

2. the study and repetition of the dance;

3. game hitch (stretch).

The program for the youngest includes rhythmic and choreography. We hold open classes every month. Parents can enjoy the achievements of their children, and children can feel the support and interest of their dearest. In Throughout the school year children take part in city and all-Russian competitions in dance sports. Children are taught to dance by professionals. All teachers are winners and finalists of the Russian and World Championships in sports and ballroom dancing. Classes are held twice a week.

Modern choreography

The Studio of modern choreography for children invites children from 6 to 17 years old. The program includes the development of such areas of modern dance as hip-hop, dancehall, Flex, brook up and experimental.

Each lesson consists of blocks:

1. warming up;

2. learning the elements of dance;

3. learning strings and combinations;

4. improvisation;

5. stretching.

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